Are You Struggling With A Golf Injury In The Chatham, NJ Area?

Are you a golfer looking to eliminate pain? Do you want to swing better and improve your technique?

Don’t sacrifice your lifestyle over problems that can be fixed. That’s why we made this just for you.

A Message From Specialist PT, Dr. Tejal Ramaiya, PT, DPT, CSCS

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

Many people in the Chatham area suffer unnecessarily with a golf injury because often they’re told…

The Truth Is...
At Body Moksha, We Help Active Adults Who Are Frustrated With An Injury Or Pain And Missing Their Workouts Get Back To Being Consistently Active So They Can Lead A Healthy And Fulfilling Life.
It can be very confusing to decide exactly what you should do about your golf injury. You’ve likely heard a lot of options such as…

It’s overwhelming to try to make a decision with all of these choices…what will happen if you don’t make the right one?

People often get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

When It Comes To Solving Something Serious Like Golf Injuries…

You must choose the right provider for your health. If you don’t, you could end up getting dangerous surgery (when it was unnecessary) or being dependent on addicting painkillers.

Getting the “least-invasive”, most natural treatment is VITAL to you healing your golf injury and getting you back to the game you love – and keep the pain from ever coming back!

To do that, you have to not just treat the pain, but have a provider who is willing to figure out WHY the pain or injury happened in the first place. That’s when you’ll get a PERMANENT solution to your problems.

You don’t have to sacrifice your active lifestyle over problems that can be fixed.


TPI Golf Fitness Assessment

TPI Golf Fitness Assessment is perfect for any recreational, amateur, or competitive golfer who is experiencing pain or is limited in their ability to play.

If you said “Yes” to any of these, TPI Golf Assessment might be perfect for you!

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