Running Assessments In Chatham

Running Assessments in Chatham

Welcome to Body Moksha Physical Therapy, where we offer comprehensive Running Assessments to help runners of all levels improve performance, prevent injuries, and optimize their running mechanics. Our experienced practitioners utilize advanced assessment techniques to evaluate biomechanics, gait patterns, and running efficiency.

Key Benefits of Running Assessment Sessions in Chatham

  • Improved Performance
    • Running Assessments help identify biomechanical inefficiencies and areas for improvement, allowing runners to optimize their technique and enhance performance.
  • Injury Prevention
    • By identifying potential risk factors and addressing imbalances or weaknesses, Running Assessments can help reduce the risk of overuse injuries and enhance overall running durability.
  • Individualized Recommendations
    • Our practitioners provide personalized recommendations and corrective exercises based on the assessment findings, empowering runners to address specific areas of concern and optimize their training regimen.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    • Running Assessments focus on improving running mechanics and efficiency, helping runners conserve energy and maintain proper form throughout their runs.

Our Services at Body Moksha Physical Therapy

  • Biomechanical Assessment
    Our practitioners conduct thorough assessments of running biomechanics, including joint alignment, foot strike pattern, and range of motion, to identify areas for improvement and potential injury risk factors.
  • Gait Analysis
    Using video analysis and observational techniques, we analyze running gait patterns to identify any asymmetries, imbalances, or compensatory movements that may impact performance or lead to injury.
  • Running Form Coaching
    We provide individualized coaching and feedback on running form and technique, including stride length, cadence, posture, and foot placement, to help runners optimize their mechanics and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
    Based on the assessment findings, we develop customized injury prevention strategies and corrective exercises to address any identified weaknesses, imbalances, or movement dysfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can benefit from Running Assessments?
Running Assessments are beneficial for runners of all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, who are looking to improve performance, prevent injuries, or address recurring issues.

How long does a Running Assessment typically last?
The duration of a Running Assessment varies depending on the complexity of the assessment and the individual’s needs. Typically, an assessment session may last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.

Do I need to be experiencing pain or injury to benefit from a Running Assessment?
No, Running Assessments can be beneficial for both injured and injury-free runners. Assessing running mechanics and identifying areas for improvement can help prevent injuries and optimize performance for all runners.

How often should I schedule a Running Assessment?
The frequency of Running Assessments depends on individual goals, training volume, and any changes in running mechanics or performance. Some runners may benefit from periodic assessments as part of their training routine, while others may schedule assessments as needed based on specific concerns or changes in training.

Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Leah Connerty has expertise in running biomechanics and performance optimization, Dr. Tejal Ramaiya leads our team of practitioners. They are dedicated to helping runners achieve their goals and stay injury-free through comprehensive Running Assessments and personalized coaching.

About The Author

Tejal Ramaiya, a licensed physical therapist, is passionate about promoting health and wellness through running and biomechanical analysis. With extensive experience in running analysis and injury prevention, Tejal Ramaiya is committed to helping runners optimize their mechanics and reach their full potential.

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At Body Moksha Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping runners of all levels achieve their goals and stay healthy through comprehensive Running Assessments and personalized coaching. Contact us today to schedule a Running Assessment and take the first step towards improving your running performance and reducing your risk of injury.

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Katy Walmsley

I limped into Dr. Tejal’s office with serious pain in my left leg. Dr. Tejal’s and I discussed my issues, concerns and goals for therapy and the. She got to work. From day 1 I felt that I was in good hands and knew I’d be on the road to recovery innno time. With a combination of hands on manipulation and strength exercises I was feeling a small amount of relief immediately. After 5 weeks of therapy I am pain free and ready to run! Dr. Tejal always provides clear directions on how to complete exercises and what is expected of the patient outside of office hours to reach your goals. Highly recommend.

Megan Persichetti

My experience at Body Moksha with Dr. Tejal and her team was great. My sessions were productive, accurate and I’m now I’ve returned to running, which I didn’t think would ever happen again. Body Moksha creates a plan that is both attainable and healing! Thank you!