Telehealth In Chatham

Stuck at home with nagging pain that limits you from enjoying activities you love? Worried you can’t get help?

We understand your aches, pains, and health problems don’t go away even if you’re unable to get out of your home.

How Do Virtual Sessions Work?

Virtual Physical Therapy is very similar to in-person visits. Here’s how:

  • We ask you questions.
  • We complete some clinical tests specific to your issue.
  • We tell you what’s going on so you know why you’re having a problem.
  • We give you the best options on how to solve the problem.
  • Then, we instruct you in how to solve the problem from your own home and get you back to living without aches and pains and doing all the things you want to do.

Reasons Our Virtual Session Option Is So Popular:

  • For those stuck at home (whether because of the Coronavirus or for other reasons…it doesn’t matter!)
  • For those who don’t have an easy way to get to the clinic.
  • For the people of Morris & Essex counties who feel like it’s just a bit too far to drive.
  • For the people who hate getting stuck in traffic trying to get across town.
  • For anyone who is just more comfortable having their health taken care of in the comfort of their home!

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Telehealth Testimonials

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Cathy Lankenau-Weeks

Dr. Tejal is excellent — listens carefully, gives clear and helpful advice, and provides physical therapy and exercises that have been very beneficial for the conditions I am struggling with (pain in my shoulder, knee, and Achilles). She has also made herself available over text and email between sessions to answer questions which in my experience is quite unusual. Highly recommend!

Luisa Gonzalez

I only have great things to say about Body Moksha and Tajal (and team). Tajal is very knowledgable in all areas of physical therapy as well as dry needling, but for me she also stands out for being very friendly and compassionate. I usually come in for dry needling, which I use to address my chronic back pain as well as the occasional sports injury. One dry needling session with Tajal will have your strained muscles feeling much better and help you get back to the activities you love. She and her team are 10/10! 

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