Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan

Client Success Manager

I grew up in NJ until 10 years old, then moved to Littleton, CO, went to high school there and moved back to NJ when I was 18. Attended Union County College – Associates in Paralegal Studies. Enrolling for the summer semester of 2024 to finish my bachelor’s degree in business management.

Background in sales and account management. software sales and real estate

Core Values: Integrity, compassion, empathy, respect, growth

“It’s only forever – not long at all”

I want our patients to have ease of scheduling, and realize prioritizing their health comes first.

I love the people I work with and our patients. I love learning who our patients are and getting to speak to them when they come in. We all work together to help each other and make sure our patients get the best care possible.


Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Show: The Office
Book: Little Women

When not working I stay busy with my family – we have a 1 year old daughter and 8 year old step daughter. I strength train a few days a week before or after work, and on weekends we’re usually out about about – visiting family or friends, hiking, beach, lakes, etc. I love to cook for my family and read (when I can find the time).

Dr. Tejal’s office is incredible. I came into her practice a few weeks ago barely able to walk, care for my child, or perform basic daily functions. She suggested physical therapy and dry needling. I have only had just a few sessions and I am already able to live again! I am truly grateful for the support, expertise, and dedicated care that Dr. Tejal and her team are giving me. – Sincerely, a very grateful patient!

Dr. Leah has been incredible in my journey with healing my body after postpartum. She listens and understands exactly what’s happening with the body causing the pain that I’ve experienced and what treatment plan to provide. She’s constantly wanting my feedback and making sure I’m moving towards my goals. I highly recommend seeing her and everyone in the office is also very friendly and welcoming.

I’ve been dealing with a back injury all year, and being a younger adult, was concerned about how a simple sprain had become chronic pain. I’ve been seeing Dr. Leah for a few weeks and this has by far been one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had with a healthcare professional. She was the first doctor who took my pain seriously and is a great PT. Dr. Leah searches for the root cause of your pain and works with you to create an exercise program that will strengthen you as you grow stronger. I did dry needling with Dr. Tejal today as well – she was very attentive and let me know what to expect prior to doing it.


Everyone who I’ve interacted with at this women-run office has been so wonderful. They take time to explain processes, exercises, and the body with thoroughness and attention. I feel very heard here and have not felt like services have been “sold” to me. I’ve been incredibly impressed with this practice, and you will too!