We're Hiring: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Are you a pelvic floor physical therapist (or someone with an interest in pelvic floor physical therapy) who is tired of seeing 12-20+ patients per day? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your patients instead of dealing with insurance and doing paperwork? Are you frustrated that you worked so hard to obtain your Doctorate in Physical Therapy but feeling burnt out already?

Are you a motivated clinician, always wanting to be better, learn more, but currently working in a clinic that does not inspire you or support your personal and professional growth? Are you looking to find a job that allows you to use your clinical and non-clinical strengths to grow their specialty programs to be able to help more people who are struggling? Do you enjoy building relationships in the community with like minded people and contributing to a long term mission of helping people age healthy and live a better life?

Are you truly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, building a long lasting relationship with your patients as if they were your friend or family member, and be there to support them as a physical therapist but also as a coach to improve the overall quality of their life?

If you answered yes to any of these, keep reading…

We are looking for someone who values commitment, hard work, and adaptability who is looking to be an integral part of the business’ success. If you are someone who values being a part of a team who works together, coaches each other, and holds each other accountable, so that we can ALL celebrate our big wins…this may be the PERFECT job for you!

About Our Practice:

Body Moksha Physical Therapy was founded in 2016 to Help Active Adults In Their 40s, 50s and 60s To Move Better, Stay Active And Keep Doing The Things They Love Well Into Their 70s and 80s. It was born out of the frustration of dealing with high volume and low relationship based healthcare. We strive to be a world class physical therapy clinic where patients are guaranteed individualized attention, customized exercise programming, and hands on treatment that helps them get back to and continue doing the activities they love. Currently we offer individualized one-on-one Physical Therapy and Strength Training to active adults as well as building our women’s health program to help pelvic floor patients as well.

We are not your typical physical therapy practice. We are a fun and welcoming team who nurtures everyone who enters our world as a part of our ‘family’. We’re the ‘Cheers Bar’ of physical therapy where ‘everybody knows your name’. We strive to provide world class customer service and build true long lasting relationships with our our clients as well as their friends and families.

Our business allows our staff to have a perfect work life balance where the work hard at work, but still have time to play hard later. You won’t feel burnt out leaving you more time and energy to spend on your own health, family or anything else you love.

What you can expect from us:

What is so unique about this position? You get to...

Who should apply for this job:

These are just a few reasons why this opportunity can be life-changing for the right person.

What we're looking for:

To be successful in this position, the right candidate must:

Whether you’re a new grad or experienced clinician – we welcome your application – you will get unbelievable amounts of training and mentorship so that not only will you succeed in this setting, but you will surpass your peers working in “traditional” environments. But please only apply if you’re truly serious about becoming a world-class therapist in a non-traditional setting. Pursue growth and learning is one of our core values and we take it very seriously.

If this sounds like your dream job, email your resume and cover letter to tejal@bodymoksha.com.